09:26am CST, 01/30/15

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Snow on the way this weekend, how much snow still up in the air

01/30/15 06:02 AM
A storm system looks like it is bringing snow to the area this weekend. In a special statement from the National Weather Service they say although it is still too early to pin down exact snow totals, it appears that 4 to 6 inches of snow will be possible in areas such as northeast Missouri and west central Illinois. But, those amounts would decrease as you head south, with 1 to 3 inches of snow

Carl Rhodes, Linda Hanabarger win Abe Awards at Chamber annual banquet

01/30/15 06:01 AM
Two individuals with a long list of accomplishments in giving back to the community were awarded with Abe Awards last night at the Vandalia Chamber of Commerce's annual banquet. Chamber Secretary Kelly Washburn presented the first Abe Award of the night to Reverend Carl Rhodes, who was very shocked and honored to receive the award.


Rhodes is the Pastor at the Northside Christian

Fire Officials Oppose Legal Fireworks

01/30/15 06:00 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  There's talk of lawmakers legalizing the sale of fireworks in Illinois.  State Rep David Reis says it would be a great way to boost state revenues and keep people from going to other states to pick them up. 

Lawmakers who support the idea say the extra cash could be used to fund education, burn centers, or even on programs that train people how to

Illinois Business’ Products to Be Used in Super Bowl

01/30/15 05:59 AM

Millions of people across the United States will have their eyes on their televisions this Sunday night as the Super Bowl will play out from Glendale, Arizona. What many people may not realize however is that some Illinois products will be used in that game as State Representative John Cavaletto recognized Salem business Schutt Sports this week, whose helmets will be among those used in the

Police Boost Patrols For Super Bowl Sunday

01/30/15 05:58 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Police will be out in full force on Super Bowl Sunday.  They'll be cracking down on people who are speeding, texting, and driving drunk.  Over the past five years, nine people have been killed in Illinois roads as a result of drunk drivers on Game Day.   State officials say anyone who plans to drink alcohol should alternate it with plenty

Homebuilders Urged To Fight Radon Levels

01/30/15 05:57 AM
(Savoy, IL)  --  State officials are urging homebuilders to take an proactive approach to fighting the dangers of radon.  IEMA's Patrick Daniels says putting an active mitigation system in the home will help save lives.
Daniels says active mitigation systems reduce radon exposure by about 90-percent and, it doesn't come with a big tab.  It only costs about one or

NWS released early information on potential winter storm this weekend

01/29/15 05:08 PM


Vandalia Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet tonight

01/29/15 06:09 AM
The Vandalia Chamber of Commerce will kick off it's 101st year tonight with their annual banquet. The banquet will be held at the Vandalia Moose Lodge with social hour at 5:30 pm and dinner to begin at 6:30 pm. This year's Abe Award winners will be announced along with the official passing of the gavel to the 2015 President. Tickets can still be purchased at the door tonight.

New U of I Extension Director among guests on Chamber Radio Week

01/29/15 06:08 AM
Vandalia Chamber of Commerce Radio Week had a full house on hand yesterday morning. Among those on hand was Carl Baker, who is the new Executive Director for the University of Illinois Extension offices in Fayette, Effingham, Clay and Jasper Counties. Baker says they are looking to get some new programs going for the area.


And, Baker also says there is an open position for this

Lawmaker Wants More Prison Time For Gun-Toting Felons

01/29/15 06:07 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  Lawmakers have their eyes on sentencing guidelines in Illinois.  A new proposal would require felons to serve at least three years in prison if they're busted with a gun.  And, they would have to serve at least 85-percent of their sentence before coming up for parole.  A similar bill failed a couple of years ago but lawmakers have made a few

House Approves New Rules

01/29/15 06:06 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  State representatives have new rules and procedures in place that will govern them for the next two years.  Democrats came up with the rules since they're in charge and according to Leader Barbara Flynn Currie, the rules give both Democrats and Republicans a fair voice on what becomes law in Illinois. But, GOP state representatives say the rules are set

Free Tax Filing For People Who Make Less Than 25-Grand

01/29/15 06:05 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  People who bring home less than 25-thousand-dollars-a-year can get their taxes done for free.  Jessica Michael, with the Department of Human Services, says nearly 30-thousand people filed returns through the programs last year.

The state teams up with the Center for Economic Progress and the Tax Assistance Program to provide the service.  More details

Portals Offer Access To College Scholarships

01/29/15 06:04 AM

(Springfield, IL)  --  A new search tool helps families find college scholarships.  Lynne Baker, with the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, says there are hundreds of scholarships on the Cappex web portal.

Baker says the Cappex portal is a great way to research colleges, read student reviews, and even find out their chances of admission at certain schools. 

Sex Trafficking A Problem In Group Homes

01/29/15 06:03 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  State officials are confirming reports that there's a problem with sex trafficking in some group homes for youth across Illinois.  They say about 185 state wards have been victims or suspected victims of sex trafficking.  Most of the victims were either missing or on the run when someone approached them about being a boyfriend or parent figure.

Snow could be in store for area Saturday night and Sunday

01/28/15 05:56 AM
After seeing multiple major snows last winter, we have seen very little in the way of snowfall so far this winter. But, we might be in for more this weekend. The National Weather Service says in their forecast for this area that snow is likely for Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night—but the NWS is cautious about putting out amounts until much closer to the actual date of the weather

FCH CEO Greg Starnes among guests for Chamber Radio Week, talks about Hospital p

01/28/15 05:55 AM
It is Vandalia Chamber of Commerce Radio Week on WKRV. Several guests stopped in for the program yesterday morning, including Fayette County Hospital CEO Greg Starnes, who says there are some major happenings going on right now at the hospital.

And, Starnes talks more about the big improvement project.


A full slate of guests are on tap for this morning from 9 am to 11 am on WKRV

Lawmaker Proposes Legislative Pay Cut

01/28/15 05:54 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Saying lawmakers need to "lead by example," Barrington Hills state Representative David McSweeney has introduced a bill to cut the pay of elected officeholders by ten-percent.  The Republican McSweeney's bill would take effect after the next round of elections for lawmakers and statewide officials.  The measure would save only a few million

Lawmakers Want Lower Penalties For Marijuana Possession

01/28/15 05:53 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Lawmakers are hoping to lower the penalties for people who get caught with weed.  A new proposal would allow cops to write a 100-dollar ticket to anyone with less than 30-grams.  The bill also aims to lower the penalty for anyone who's caught with just over a pound of weed.  They'd face misdemeanor charges on their first offense and felony

Body Cameras On The Docket

01/28/15 05:51 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Body cameras will be on the docket in Springfield this year.  State Senator Kwame Raoul has introduced a bill, but there's not much to it yet.  He says he wants to take his time and work with other members of the Legislature to get a bill that everyone can agree to.  Raoul says one of the key issues will be when officers can turn their cameras

Measles Case Confirmed In northern Illinois

01/28/15 05:49 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Someone in Illinois has come down with measles.  Officials say someone in the Arlington Heights and Palatine area got sick earlier this month and tested positive for the disease.  It's a highly contagious, potentially deadly, respiratory disease that causes fever, sore eyes, runny nose, cough and a rash.  People who don't have the proper

Warmer weather in the middle of this week

01/27/15 06:02 AM
After a brief cold spell, we will be warming back up this week. Although it was not much, yesterday's afternoon snowfall would be among the most snow we have gotten this year. For today we are looking at cloudy skies with a high just in the mid 30s and partly cloudy skies tonight with a low in the lower 20s. We will warm back up for Wednesday with a high in the mid 40s, chance of some light

Flu has hit area hard, leading to flu related deaths

01/27/15 06:01 AM
With a very strong strain of the flu and a vaccine this year that didn't do the job against that tough strain, the flu this year has taken it's toll throughout the country. And, that includes in this area, as well. Lyn Gartke of Senior Renewal was a guest on the Morning Cafe with Dan Michel recently and says they have certainly lost some members this year that have lost their battle from

Treasurer Conducting Office Audit

01/27/15 06:00 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  State Treasurer Mike Frerichs is bringing in an outside firm to conduct an audit of his office.  He says the auditors will look at everything from budgeting to investments and program management, then they'll make suggestions on how to enhance services.  Frerichs won't say if the office was run inefficiently under his predecessor Dan Rutherford,

Quinn Had Pot License Approvals Ready

01/27/15 05:59 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  Former Governor Pat Quinn had the recommendations for medical marijuana licenses on his desk for some days before he left office, but chose not to act on them.  His administration's "pot czar" Bob Morgan apologized for Quinn's failure to act, and an examination of documents from those final days shows that Morgan helped Quinn's staff write a

State Spends Millions Keeping Inmates Beyond Release Dates

01/27/15 05:58 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  The state of Illinois is spending up to 25-million-dollars a year to house inmates who have been ordered released on parole but who can't find suitable places to live.  The "Chicago Tribune" reports the 12-hundred or so inmates held beyond their release dates each year are mostly sex offenders who face housing restrictions, and those whose

Vandalia Chamber of Commerce Radio Week kicks off this morning

01/26/15 06:10 AM
This is Vandalia Chamber of Commerce Radio Week on WKRV. Starting at 9 am this morning we will be hosting businesses each morning this week to tell us more about their business. If you would like to be a part of Chamber of Commerce Radio Week you can give the Chamber a call at 283-2728. That's 283-2728.

Vandalia Supt of Schools hopeful new state budget includes more for schools

01/26/15 05:59 AM
As the Vandalia School District continues to look for different ways to reduce their budget, they are also hopeful a new Governor will find a way to continually cut education spending. Vandalia Superintendent of Schools Rich Well says they are hopeful the new Governor's promise to support education comes to fruition.


The Vandalia School Board last week made the decision to move

Gov Rauner gives preview on ideas for the state

01/26/15 05:57 AM
Governor Bruce Rauner is giving a preview of some of his ideas for the state. Governor Rauner says he loves Illinois and wants to make it great again. But it won't be easy. Speaking before business students at the University of Chicago he cited a staggering budget deficit, piles of unpaid bills, and an unfriendly business climate as just some of the problems facing his new administration.

Rauner Assembling Team Of Experts

01/26/15 05:56 AM
(Palatine, IL)  --  Governor Rauner again today bemoaned the state's financial situation and again avoided providing details for how he proposes to remedy it.  At an appearance at Harper College in Palatine, Rauner again pointed out that the state's deficit is expected to hit six-billion-dollars this year and that the pension debt will reach

Rauner Hits The Town In Springfield

01/26/15 05:55 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Governor Rauner is hitting up local events in Springfield.  He hit the city in his old green van on Saturday and spent part of the weekend sitting in the stands at a high school boys' basketball tournament.  The locals say they're impressed to see Rauner hanging out and getting to know people but some aren't so quick to express

Lawmaker Moves To Ban Powdered Alcohol

01/26/15 05:54 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Powdered alcohol is creating a buzz in some areas across the nation, but Illinois lawmakers are taking steps to keep it off store shelves.  State Senator Ira Silverstein has introduced a bill that would ban a product known as "Palcohol," which is supposed to hit the market sometime this spring.  Silverstein says banning the product is an issue

Senator Wants Money For Child Care Assistance

01/26/15 05:53 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  State Senator Emil Jones is trying to shore up funding for child care programs in Illinois.  He wants lawmakers to approve an extra 300-million dollars for the effort.  The money would help low-income working families pay for child care services.  The program which usually offers support has run out of money, which means many daycare providers are

Bobcat Hunting Proposal Reintroduced

01/26/15 05:52 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Governor Quinn may have shot down the idea of having a bobcat hunting season in Illinois, but the issue isn't dead yet.  State Senator Sam McCann reintroduced the proposal today.

The House and Senate approved the deal last year but Quinn vetoed it just before he left office.  He claimed a hunting season could threaten bobcat numbers across the

Two injured in early morning crash on U.S. Route 51 in Fayette County

01/24/15 05:11 PM
Two individuals were injured in an early Saturday morning crash on U.S. Route 51 in Fayette County.  Illinois State Police reports indicate a car driven by 31 year old Kevin W. Donnals of Farina was traveling northbound on Route 51, near Vernon, when reports say he went into the southbound lane and struck a propane tanker trunk.  The driver of the tanker truck was not identified by the

Mild but possibly rainy weekend

01/24/15 06:30 AM
It will be a mild but maybe a bit of a wet weekend around the area.  Saturday will be the pick day of the weekend with sunny skies and a high in the mid 40s.  There is a chance of rain overnight Saturday night with a low of 34.  Rain is likely throughout the day on Sunday with a high of 42.  There is a chance of rain and maybe some snow on Sunday night as temperatures will

Unemployment Rate Drops In December

01/24/15 06:26 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Illinois' unemployment rate is down to six-point-two-percent.  That's a slight improvement from November's six-point-four-percent rate.  State officials say the biggest gains were seen in the construction, education services, health services, and leisure and hospitality sectors.  The state still lags behind the rest of the nation on the

Rauner Assembling Team Of Experts

01/24/15 06:25 AM
(Palatine, IL)  --  Governor Rauner again today bemoaned the state's financial situation and again avoided providing details for how he proposes to remedy it.  At an appearance at Harper College in Palatine, Rauner again pointed out that the state's deficit is expected to hit six-billion-dollars this year and that the pension debt will reach

Bobcat Hunting Proposal Reintroduced

01/24/15 06:24 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Governor Quinn may have shot down the idea of having a bobcat hunting season in Illinois, but the issue isn't dead yet.  State Senator Sam McCann reintroduced the proposal today.

The House and Senate approved the deal last year but Quinn vetoed it just before he left office.  He claimed a hunting season could threaten bobcat numbers across the

Madigan Tears Up Lottery Termination Deal

01/24/15 06:22 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has blocked the deal made by former Governor Pat Quinn during his final weeks in office to end the contract with the state's lottery management company.  Madigan says Quinn didn't consult her office before announcing the deal with Northstar Lottery Group and she says the arrangement is illegal and potentially

Amazon Will Start Collecting Illinois Sales Tax

01/24/15 06:21 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  Amazon.com is no longer a tax-free zone for Illinois online shoppers.  The e-commerce giant said today that it will comply with a new Illinois state law and begin collecting sales tax from Illinois shoppers February 1st.  The new law requires out-of-state retailers to collect the state's six-point-25-percent use tax if they fit certain criteria.

Train derailment in western Fayette County, Rt 140 closed in that area

01/23/15 07:17 AM
Fayette County Sheriff Chris Smith says that a train derailed in western Fayette County, and that Route 140 is closed in that area.  Sheriff Smith says two cars came off, after what looked like one of the wheels fell off.  Sheriff Smith says there were no injuries and there are no HAZMAT issues and the cars have been cleared from the tracks.  But, he says they do need to now check

As they continue to look for savings, Vandalia School District budget in line so

01/23/15 06:09 AM
With the Vandalia School Board continuing to looking for cost-saving measures for the future, the current picture is in pretty good shape. Vandalia Superinendent of Schools Rich Well says they have gotten in some state dollars recently.


The Vandalia School Board made the decision at their meeting on Tuesday to move students from the Jefferson Primary School for next year, allowing

Board Of Education Asking For 760-Million

01/23/15 06:08 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  The State's Board of Education wants an extra 729-million-dollars next year.  Most of the cash would be divvied up among schools to make sure they get about 61-hundred-dollars for each student.  That's actually required by law but schools have been shortchanged in recent years.  Right now schools are only getting about 89-percent of what

Four individuals sentenced this week in Fayette County Court

01/23/15 06:07 AM
A 46 year old St. Elmo man was sentenced to 15 years in prison this week in Fayette County Court. 46 year old Darin Julius of St. Elmo was sentenced by Judge Don Sheafor to 15 years in the Department of Corrections on the offense of of Participation in Methamphetamine Manufacturing.


A 46 year old Shumway man was sentenced this week in Fayette County Court. 46 year old Ricky Garner

Total Deer Harvest Down in Illinois

01/23/15 06:05 AM
Hunters harvested nearly 146 thousand deer during the various deer hunting seasons this fall and winter in Illinois. 47 percent of the deer taken were does, with the most harvested during the popular firearm season. State Department of of Natural Resources spokesperson Chris Young says they will take a look at the numbers to see if any changes need to be made for next year.


The total

Former Hawaii Governor Tapped As State's COO

01/23/15 06:04 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  The former governor of Hawaii is taking over as the state's new Chief Operating Officer.  Republican Linda Lingle served in Hawaii from 2002 until 2010.  She was the first female governor there and the first with a Jewish background.  Governor Rauner announced her appointment to his team yesterday.  He called her "a superstar

Justices Say No Extension For Pension Case

01/23/15 06:03 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  The pension case before the state's Supreme Court will stay on the fast track.  Union lawyers wanted justices to hold off at least a month on hearing oral arguments.  They say they need extra time to review some of the paperwork that's been filed, but justices denied that request.  They'll hear the case in

Vandalia School District moving students from Jefferson building starting next y

01/22/15 06:11 AM
The Vandalia School District will officially move students from the Jefferson Primary School building for next year. At their meeting on Tuesday night, the Vandalia School Board approved to move Kindergarten and 1st grade students to the Vandalia Elementary School building for next year and to move 4th grade students to the Vandalia Junior High School Building. Vandalia Superintendent of Schools

Gov. Rauner Escapes Injury Following Fender Bender In Chicago

01/22/15 06:10 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  Governor Rauner is doing fine after a car accident in downtown Chicago.  Officials say the accident happened Wednesday morning on Michigan Avenue in front of the governor's motorcade while they were sitting at a red light. One of the cars spun out of control and hit the vehicle the Governor was riding in.  The vehicle did sustain some damage. Three

Gov Rauner Talking About State's Structural Challenges

01/22/15 06:09 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  Governor Rauner will be talking about the state's structural challenges today.  He's slated to give a speech in the Gleacher Center at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.  Rauner has said the state's money troubles are much worse than people think.  He says he uncovered hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars in additional debt when