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Local News

Vandalia Mayor Rick Gottman releases statement on train-car accident

10/31/14 03:55 PM
Vandalia Mayor Rick Gottman has released a statement following the train-car accident on Thursday night that has now claimed four lives. Mayor Gottman says in the statement that, first and foremost, the City of Vandalia extends its prayers and condolences to the family involved in the accident. Gottman says “We cannot begin to fathom the pain and anguish they have during their time of

Four now dead from train-car crash in Vandalia Thursday night

10/31/14 03:32 PM
Four people are now dead from a train-vehicle accident in Vandalia, that happened just a few minutes before the start of the Halloween Parade just a short trip away. Vandalia Police Chief Jeff Ray says the Vandalia Police Department was notified at 6:48 pm that a vehicle had been struck by a train at the intersection of 6th and Main Streets. Vandalia Police, Vandalia Fire Department, Fayette

Float and Walking Group winners from Halloween Parade

10/31/14 05:58 AM
Winners for Floats


1st place-Ponderosa, KFC-Taco Bell, Ramada Inn Award---Bright Beginnings---$300 prize


2nd place-Vandalia Real Estate/Copper Penny Award---Jerry Brugoto and the Power of One--$200 prize


3rd place-Bluff Equipment Award---Vandalia Rehab Center---$175 prize


4th place-Edward Jones Investments Award---Embers/Huddle

Band and Raffle winners from Halloween Parade

10/31/14 05:57 AM
Class A Band

1st place-Mascoutah High School


2nd place-Teutopolis High School


3rd place-Greenville High School


Class B Band


1st place-Ramsey High School


2nd place-Altamont High School


3rd place-Altamont Junior High School


Best Overall Color Guard/Flags-Mascoutah High School


Best Overall Drum

Daylight Saving Time Ends

10/31/14 05:16 AM
(Undated)  --  It's time to set your clocks back.  Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday morning at 2 a.m.  The general rule of thumb is to turn the dial back by one hour before you head to bed on Saturday night. 

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Second Round Of Medical Pot Applications Starts Saturday

10/31/14 05:15 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Starting Saturday, the Illinois Department of Public Health will accept patient applications for the medical marijuana program.   People with last names beginning with the letters M through Z are eligible.  Close to 63-hundred people with last names starting with A through L have already begun the application process.  But only 800 have

Quinn, Rauner Squabble Over Credit For High Tech Lab

10/31/14 05:14 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  Republican Bruce Rauner says Governor Quinn is trying to take the credit for bringing a new digital manufacturing lab to Chicago's Goose Island.  He says he proposed, developed, and pitched the plan to Mayor Emanuel six years ago.  Quinn and Emanuel were at a groundbreaking for the development yesterday and Quinn brushed off Rauner's assertion,

First Lady Stumping For Democrats This Weekend

10/31/14 05:13 AM
(Moline, IL)  --  First Lady Michelle Obama is headed back to Illinois to energize the Democratic base.  She'll be in Moline this Saturday, stumping for Governor Quinn, Senator Dick Durbin, and Congresswoman Cheri Bustos.  All three are fighting to keep their jobs in highly publicized campaigns against Republican opponents.  They're hoping to draw on the First

Convicted Murderer Released From Prison

10/31/14 05:12 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  A man who was supposed to spend 37-years behind bars is now free to go home to his family.  A Cook County judge ordered the immediate release of Alstory Simon this morning.  He was convicted back in 1982 for shooting two people to death at a south side park.  He'd confessed to the crime, but there are serious questions about whether he was coerced

Reports of a fatal train crash in downtown Vandalia

10/30/14 09:36 PM
Reports say multiple individuals died in a train crash in Vandalia that happened just moments before the start of the Vandalia Lion's Club Halloween Parade tonight. No other information is available at this time from the accident that happened just one block off of Gallatin Street.

Freeze Warning for early Saturday--first freezing temps of year expected

10/30/14 03:52 PM





Vandalia Trick or Treat is Friday, October 31st

10/30/14 08:45 AM
Vandalia Trick or Treat is Friday, October 31st from 6 pm to 8 pm

Vandalia Lion's Club Halloween Parade

10/30/14 06:15 AM
It has been a Vandalia tradition for several decades and it's one of the largest parades throughout the area---tonight is the annual Vandalia Lion's Club Halloween Parade. The parade will get underway from the top of Gallatin Street at 7 pm tonight. We will have the broadcast of the parade tonight on 107.1 FM WKRV and also available streaming at www.vandaliaradio.com

Weather for Halloween Parade

10/30/14 06:14 AM
Over the past few years, the weather for the Halloween Parade hasn't been the best—alternating between really cold or a lot of rain. But, at least according to most forecasts, tonight should be a good but a bit chilly Halloween Parade. The forecast for today says there is a 30 percent chance of showers with a high today of 56, and a 30 percent chance of showers with a low of 40 tonight.

Subway dragster in town today, in parade tonight

10/30/14 06:13 AM
There are always some unique entries into the Halloween Parade lineup, but Subway of Vandalia might have one of the most unique this year. The Subway Dragster car will be in town today. The dragster will first be on display at Subway in Vandalia from 11 to 4 today. Dragster driver Dustin Jansen talks a little more about the dragster.


And, Jansen says he's been at the racing game

Quinn Pushing Jobs Ahead Of Election

10/30/14 06:11 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Governor Quinn is talking jobs in the final week before the election.  In the last few days, he's announced more than 35-hundred jobs are coming to several cities across Illinois.  The latest is a one-point-four-billion-dollar fertilizer plant that'll be based in Tuscola.

Governor Quinn says more than two thousand people will be put to work

Durbin, Oberweis Debate Tonight

10/30/14 06:10 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  U.S. Senator Dick Durbin is debating Republican Jim Oberweis tonight.  Oberweis is a dairy magnate and state senator who says Durbin is out of touch with the people of Illinois.  He says the economy and education have suffered since Durbin was last elected six years ago.  Oberweis says he hopes to provide parents with a choice on where to send their

Voting Machine Switching Votes From Republican To Democrat

10/30/14 06:09 AM
(Moline, IL)  --  Republicans say the digital voting machine at the Moline Public Library is switching votes.  A YouTube video shows someone trying to vote for Republican state senate candidate Neil Anderson, but an X appears in the box next to Democrat Mike Jacobs' name.  The same thing happens when the voter tries to select Republican Bobby Schilling over Democrat Cheri

Early Voting Period Winding Down

10/30/14 06:09 AM
(Undated)  --  There are just a few more days to cast a vote before Election Day.  Early voting wraps up on Sunday, November 2nd.  People who'd like to skip the lines or have something else to do next Tuesday can head to their county clerk's office and fill out their ballot.  Those who still need to register can also head to the county clerk's office and get

Freeze Watch in effect from Friday night thru Saturday morning

10/29/14 06:35 PM




More with Reg Supt of Schools on SB 16

10/29/14 06:01 AM

We talk more today with Regional Superintendent of Schools Julie Wollerman about Democratic State Senator Andy Manar’s proposed Senate Bill 16 that is being presented as a way to rework the school funding formula in the state. SB 16 is seen as a way for more downstate schools to receive more funding with the new funding. However, there have been both Republican and Democratic lawmakers

Few tornadoes so far this year in Illinois

10/29/14 06:00 AM
The number of tornadoes in Illinois is down considerably this year. Despite all the rain we've had, State Climatologist Jim Angel says it's been a pretty quiet year as far as severe weather and tornadoes go, with just 30 reported so far.


But, Angel reminds tornadoes can hit any time of year in Illinois, as witnessed in 2013 when a deadly outbreak of tornadoes struck the state

AG gives Halloween advice

10/29/14 05:59 AM
Attorney General Lisa Madigan is urging families to check the sex offender registry before they go Trick or Treating this Halloween. Attorney General Madigan says it's a good idea to find out if any sex offenders live on your planned route this Friday.


Madigan says the registry is easy to use and can be found on the Illinois State Police's website at ISP.Illinois.Gov

Rauner Slams Quinn On Ebola

10/29/14 05:58 AM
(Arlington Heights, IL)  --  Candidate Bruce Rauner had an answer ready today when a reporter asked about the state's Ebola plan during a campaign stop at a hot dog restaurant.  He said Governor Pat Quinn is wrong not to support a travel ban on foreign visitors from the three West African countries most affected by the deadly virus.  Rauner cut off questions, though, when

Quinn Touts Amazon Expansion, Defends Ebola Plan

10/29/14 05:57 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  Governor Pat Quinn defended the state's Ebola plan today as he announced an expansion of Amazon's presence in Illinois.  Responding to criticism from challenger Bruce Rauner, Quinn called the mandatory three-week home-quarantine for high-risk individuals the proper public health approach.  Quinn joined executives from Amazon as they announced plans

Billion-Dollar Fertilizer Plant Coming To Tuscola

10/29/14 05:56 AM
(Tuscola, IL)  --  Tuscola is the winner for a billion-dollar fertilizer plant.  Land just west of the city will be used by Cronus Chemicals for the site of the plant that is expected to bring up to two-thousand jobs during construction.  The official announcement is expected to be made this morning.  Company officials say the plant should employ about 200 workers once

After a short warm up, fall weather is back with us

10/28/14 05:53 AM
After a few warmer than normal days for this time of year, we will return to more normal fall temperatures this week. After the showers move on today, we will see clearing skies with a high in the mid 60s. For Wednesday and Thursday, we'll see highs both days just in the upper 50s and lows in the lower 40s to upper 30s. Other than a slight chance of showers on Thursday, we should be mostly

Regional Superintendent Wollerman: SB 16 Has Started Good Discussion About Schoo

10/28/14 05:52 AM

For several months talk on school funding has centered around Senate Bill 16, a bill proposed by State Senator Andy Manar, as a way to revamp the school funding formula in the state. The bill has gained support on both sides of the aisle and is said to be a way for downstate schools to receive more general state aid. Talking about the bill, Regional Superintendent of School for Bond, Fayette

Statewide Crop Report

10/28/14 05:51 AM
A break in the rain this past week gave farmers a chance to catch up on harvest progress. The warm, dry weather was just what farmers needed says State Crop Statistician Mark Schluesener.


63 percent of soybeans have been harvested. 83 percent of corn and 80 percent of soybeans are rated in good to excellent condition. 41 percent of winter wheat has been planted, with 18 percent

Slim Lead For Quinn In CBS Poll

10/28/14 05:50 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  Some good news for Governor Pat Quinn in the latest poll from CBS News and the New York Times.  Their poll last week of 35-hundred registered voters gives Quinn a 45-percent to 41-percent lead over Republican Bruce Rauner with a margin of error of three-percent.  The poll reports 13-percent undecided and one-percent who prefer a different candidate.

Gov. Quinn Looking To Prove He Creates Jobs With Election Day Nearing

10/28/14 05:49 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  Jobs are the hot topic in the race for Illinois' governor, and Governor Pat Quinn is trying to prove he creates jobs. 

The state is giving two-point-five-million-dollars to the Chicago-based Coyote Logistics to help them hire 500 more people.  Quinn's challenger, Republican Bruce Rauner, says the economy is definitely improving, but the

Gov. Quinn on Ebola Procedures

10/28/14 05:47 AM
(Illinois)  --  State health officials confirmed yesterday that no one in Illinois is being quarantined or even monitored for Ebola - yet.  Governor Pat Quinn said at a press conference that if anyone deemed to be high risk comes to Illinois - such as someone who had direct, unprotected contact with an Ebola patient - they should be quarantined for 21 days and get checked

Tuscola Is Apparent Winner In Fertilizer Plant Bid

10/28/14 05:46 AM
(Tuscola, IL)  --  Officials are expected to announce on Wednesday that a billion-dollar fertilizer plant will be built in Tuscola.  The news comes after more than a year of speculation and courting of Cronus Chemicals by the city and Illinois.  The plant will create up to two thousand jobs.  The losing bid was made by Mitchell County, Iowa.

Perry Williams/Lorin

Unemployment down around state for 6th month in a row

10/27/14 06:16 AM
The unemployment rate has fallen in all of the state's 12 metro areas for the sixth month in a row. Illinois Department of Employment Security spokesperson Greg Rivara says the September numbers show some serious improvements over the past year.


Areas with the biggest decline in the jobless rate over the last year include Danville, Decatur, Kankakee and Rockford. The lowest

Sen McCarter on Bruce Rauner for Gov

10/27/14 06:15 AM
We are down to just 8 days until Election Day and the race for Illinois Governor is still very close. State Senator Kyle McCarter says he still believes Bruce Rauner is the right man for the job.


Senator McCarter, meanwhile, is running unopposed for re-election to the Illinois Senate.

Pastor Threatened For Supporting Rauner

10/27/14 06:14 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  A prominent black pastor who's supporting Republicans instead of Democrats this year is getting death threats.  Reverend Corey Brooks, from Chicago, says he's received at least five calls from someone threatening to beat him for supporting Bruce Rauner.  He's turned the calls over to police but the intimidation tactics don't stop there.

Two Illinois Races Are Close In Polls

10/27/14 06:13 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  A recent poll is showing Illinois' governor's race is too close to call.  The treasurer's race is also tight.  A "Chicago Tribune" poll has Republican Tom Cross getting 38-percent of the vote, while Democrat Mike Frerichs comes in at 34-percent.  The races for attorney general and secretary of state are a different story.

State Farm Wants To Use Drones

10/27/14 06:12 AM
(Bloomington, IL)  --  State Farm wants to use drones to evaluate property damage and respond to catastrophes.  The unmanned drones would fly no higher than 400 feet when heading out to evaluate things like fire damage to tornado aftermath.  The Bloomington-based insurance company is asking the federal government to approve the plan.  Company officials say using the

States Implements Tighter Ebola Quarantine Standards

10/27/14 06:11 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  State officials are implementing a mandatory quarantine for anyone who comes into Illinois after having contact with an Ebola patient.  Officials say they'll keep watch on the person for 21-days.  The new requirement comes days after a doctor in New York City fell ill with the disease.  He'd just returned to the U.S. after treating Ebola

Four Survivors In Quincy Plane Crash

10/27/14 06:10 AM
(Quincy, IL)   -- No injuries are being reported after a small plane crash in Quincy.  Officials say four people were on board the plane when it went down in a field just after 2:00 yesterday, not far from the regional airport.  Everyone on board was checked out and released at the scene.  There's no word on what caused the crash.




Vandals football will play at 1 pm Saturday

10/25/14 11:12 PM
The first round playoff game for the Vandals will be at 1 pm on Saturday.  The Vandals (5-4) will travel to Nashville (7-2) for the 1 pm game on Saturday afternoon, November 1st at 1 pm.

Vandals will play Nashville in first round of playoffs

10/25/14 08:33 PM
The Vandals will play Nashville in the first round of the football playoffs.  Nashville is 7-2 on the season.

Few Vandals football playoff facts

10/25/14 07:00 PM
A few Vandals playoff facts---

This will be the Vandals 11th all time appearance in the football playoffs.  7 of those appearances are under current heac coach John Stout.  This is the 6th time in the past 9 seasons the Vandals have qualified for the playoffs. 

This is the second time the Vandals have gotten into the playoffs with 5 wins--as one of the at large teams.

Vandals football makes the playoffs

10/25/14 05:16 PM
The IHSA has announced the football playoff teams for this year---and that includes the Vandals.  The Vandals were a playoff qualifier with 5 wins and 40 playoff points--that playoff point total being just one above the line to make it or not.  In fact, 22 schools with 5 wins did not make the playoffs.  The Vandals will find out later tonight who they will play in the first round

Warm and dry weekend for the area

10/25/14 05:55 AM
We may not see a weekend weather forecast like this weekend for another 6 months.  We are looking at warm, dry and calm conditions throughout this weekend.  For Saturday we will see sunny skies with a high of 75 and a low of 47 on Saturday night.  For Sunday, we will see sunny skies with a high of 72 and a low on Sunday night of just 57.  We are going to warm up into the low

Sears Shutting Down Stores Before Holidays

10/25/14 05:52 AM
(Hoffman Estates, IL)  --  Sears is reportedly letting go of thousands-of-workers before the holiday rush.  The company has been strapped for cash in recent years.  They're shutting down 31 of their Sears stores and 46 of their K-Mart locations before the end of the year.  That will leave more than 53-hundred people with jobs.  The news comes just three-years

Poll Shows Durbin Maintaining Lead Over Oberweis

10/25/14 05:51 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  With less than two weeks before the November 4th election, a new poll shows U.S. Senator Dick Durbin with a double-digit lead over his Republican challenger, state Senator Jim Oberweis.  The "Chicago Tribune" poll shows Durbin with 50-percent support and Oberweis with 36-percent among likely voters.  This poll is consistent with earlier polls that

Rauner Says Sales Tax Should Apply To Wide Range Of Services

10/25/14 05:50 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Bruce Rauner says the list of services that he'd like to see subject to the state sales tax isn't set in stone.  Rauner told the editorial board of the "State Journal-Register" that he's willing to negotiate the nearly three-dozen services that he wants to tax, including sewer and refuse services and legal services.  He says his

Union blasts Rauner ad that has connection to Vandalia Correctional Center

10/24/14 04:16 PM
(Springfield, IL)  --  AFSCME, the public employees union, is taking issue with new ad for Bruce Rauner that features a former AFSCME local president who is backing Rauner over Governor Pat Quinn. The union says the man in the ad, Ronald Wilson, was forced to resign more than five years ago after just seven months as president of the prison workers' local at the Vandalia

FAYCO Book Fair and Vandalia Moose annual Pancake breakfast Saturday

10/24/14 09:26 AM
FAYCO will be having a book fair at the Vandalia Moose Lodge on Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm.  All books are $1 each.  This is a major fundraiser for FAYCO that will benefit FAYCO's clients and their recycling program.  The Moose Lodge will also be having their Pancake Breakfast Saturday morning, as well.