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Local News

FNB holding Shred Fest today

10/22/14 07:19 AM
First National Bank in Vandalia will be hosting Shred-Fest 2014 on October 22nd from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Financial Center located on Banker Blvd. Anyone can bring confidential information such as old utility bills, bank statements, tax records, anything confidential that you don’t need anymore to be shredded for free. A contracted shredding company certified by the National

Fayette County Board Discusses Current Fiscal Year Budget at Special Meeting

10/22/14 05:55 AM

The Fayette County Board used a special meeting Tuesday night to look at the current fiscal year budget and some shortfalls that will take place by the end of the year. As discussion was beginning about the budget, Board Chairman Steve Knebel said the good news is that they will present a balanced budget for the next fiscal year that will show them in the black by about $6,000.

Emotions run fairly high, opinions strong in gaming discussion at Monday's Vanda

10/22/14 05:54 AM
Emotions ran fairly high and opinions were very strong during the Vandalia City Council's discussion on liquor licenses and gaming at their meeting Monday night. The issue was whether or not reconsider the two Class A Liquor Licenses the City Council voted against at their October 6th meeting—with those two licenses to be used to open to gaming-only facilities. Ward One Alderman Neil

New Growth Models Focus More on Individual Student Performances on State Tests

10/22/14 05:52 AM

We talk again today with St. Elmo Superintendent Deb Philpot about her district’s performance on last year’s state required ISAT and PSAE tests. While the state testing scores for several years have largely focused both on schools and districts as a whole meeting standard requirements, Philpot says new growth models being used are focusing more now on individual student

Biden In Chicago For Quinn

10/22/14 05:51 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  Vice President Joe Biden is in Chicago stumping for Governor Quinn today.  He's the last of the scheduled heavy hitters to come in and rally the base, hoping to get Democrats to the polls for Quinn.  The governor is in a dead heat with Republican Bruce Rauner.  The election is November 4th.

Nicole Wilson/jm      IL)

Libertarian Candidate For Governor Gets Boost From Union

10/22/14 05:51 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  The third party candidate for Illinois governor says he welcomes the financial backing from a labor union that is casting their support behind him.  Libertarian Party hopeful Chad Grimm has already received a 30-thousand-dollar donation from the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150.  He expects to get more cash from the union for his

Group trying to get Justice Karmeier off the bench

10/22/14 05:50 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  A group known as "Campaign for 2016" is trying to get Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier off the bench.  They've been running ads against him in southern Illinois.  Lawyers connected to a Phillip Morris case before the Court have given half-a-million-dollars to the effort. They say people should know about the judge's poor

Buggy Crash Kills Horse And Injures Person

10/22/14 05:48 AM
(Arthur, IL)  --  A crash involving two vehicles and a horse-drawn buggy in Arthur has left the animal dead and one person hurt.  Douglas County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Peter Buckley says the accident happened last Friday on Illinois 133, between Arthur and Chesterville.  He added that somehow a truck lost control, hitting a Jeep and one of the two vehicles struck the

Vandalia City Council changes mind, allows two liquor licenses for gaming facili

10/21/14 06:07 AM
The Vandalia City Council changed their mind and will allow two new gaming facilities. At their meeting on October 6th, the Vandalia City council voted 6 to 2 against allowing the two Class A Liquor Licenses that would be used for new gaming facilities in town. But, at their meeting last night, Ward four Alderman B. John Clark brought up a motion to reconsider his “no” vote on the

St Elmo School District Making Gains on State Testing

10/21/14 06:06 AM

As the first quarter of the school year is wrapping up, school districts are receiving and beginning to dissect state testing scores from last year. After looking at her district’s scores, St. Elmo Superintendent Deb Philpot says there were positive gains in scores for the district.

Looking ahead to this year though, Philpot says there will be big changes coming as the PARCC tests

Three Boy Scouts And Adult Hurt In Explosion

10/21/14 06:05 AM
(Raymond, IL)  --  Four people, including three children, are suffering injuries after an explosion Monday night in Raymond.  The incident happened at the Living Center.  Fire officials say the kids were Boy Scouts, who were trying to make a blue flame in an experiment using borax and Heet gas line antifreeze.  The mix resulted in a blast that left the boys and one of

Statewide crop report

10/21/14 06:04 AM
Not much harvest progress was made in the wet farm fields of Illinois this past week. Three weeks of wet conditions have put average statewide topsoil moisture at one percent very short, 4 percent short, 67 percent adequate and 28 percent surplus. And, just about two days were suitable for fieldwork says State Crop Statistician Mark Schluesener.


Just 37 percent of soybeans have been

Man Sentenced in Effingham County court to Six Years In Prison For Break-In

10/21/14 06:03 AM
(Effingham, IL)  --  An East St. Louis man will spend six years behind bars after he broke into a home in Effingham in March of 2013.  Prosecutors say 28-year-old Aaron Broadnax pleaded guilty to a charge of residential burglary.  He was also ordered to repay the homeowner more than one-thousand dollars in restitution.




Quinn, Rauner Spar Over Taxes, Business Climate

10/21/14 06:02 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  Governor Quinn and Republican challenger Bruce Rauner didn't present any new ideas in their final debate before the election.  In fact, it was pretty much a boxing match between the two last night.  Quinn repeatedly blasted Rauner on his failed business tactics and his plan to let the income tax rate rollback, which he says will make "savage

Vandalia Police Department warns against scams

10/20/14 06:26 AM
The Vandalia Police Department is warning folks to watch out for scams. Vandalia Police Chief Jeff Ray says recently attempts have been made by individuals to extract personal banking information by phone from Vandalia area residents. Chief Ray says these calls originate from a telephone scam artist who are involved in “phishing” for personal information. If you should receive a phone

VPD looking to update keyholders list

10/20/14 06:25 AM
The Vandalia Police Department is looking to get some updated information on business keyholders. Vandalia Police Chief Jeff Ray says they are finding that their database for key holder information is outdated. Many of the businesses in the community do not have key holder information on file with the Police Department and those that do, many are outdated. In the event of a fire, burglary, damage

Dry weather throughout the week

10/20/14 06:24 AM
More dry conditions are expected throughout this week. Today we are looking at mostly sunny skies and a high in the upper 60s, with a low tonight in the mid 40s. We will see sunshine and temperatures in the low 60s or upper 50s throughout this week, with lows at night dropping down to around 40. As of this time, there is no chance of rain in the forecast all the way thru this upcoming weekend.

Early Voting Begins Today

10/20/14 06:23 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Early voting gets underway today.  Registered voters who want to skip the lines on Election Day can head to their County Clerk's office to cast their ballot.  Grace period registration is also underway.  Anyone who missed the registration deadline can go to their County Clerk's office and sign up.  They'll be required to vote at the

President Obama Home To Vote

10/20/14 06:23 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  President Obama is casting his vote for Governor Quinn.  He spoke to a crowd of 62-hundred in Chicago last night and said voting was the first thing on his list of things to do today.  The President tried to convince the crowd to give Quinn four more years.  He says Quinn has taken on challenges and made tough calls during his time in office.

Rauner Gets Three Endorsements Over The Weekend

10/20/14 06:22 AM
(Undated)  --  Newspaper endorsements seem to be pouring in for the Republican candidate for Illinois governor.  Bruce Rauner has gained the support of the "Chicago Sun-Times," "Champaign News-Gazette" and "Peoria Journal Star."  All of the endorsements came over the weekend and are all calling for a change in office.  The three publications

Rauner Accused Of Trying To Intimidate Reporter

10/20/14 06:21 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  A former prosecutor is investigating claims that Republican Bruce Rauner tried to interfere with a "Chicago Sun-Times" reporter's job.  Dave McKinney broke the story about Rauner allegedly threatening a former female executive at a business tied to his firm.  McKinney was taken off his political beat for five days after the story ran.  The

Weather for weekend looking good

10/18/14 06:29 AM
It should be a cool and mostly dry weekend around the area.  We are looking at sunny skies for Saturday with a high of 59, with mostly clear skies Saturday night with a low of 38.  Sunday will see sunny skies with a high of 61.  There is a slight chance of a shower over night on Sunday into Monday morning.  But, after that chance clears, we'll see mostly sunny skies

State Unemployment Rate Falls Again

10/18/14 06:27 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Illinois' unemployment rate is down to six-point-six percent.  Employment Security Spokesman Greg Rivara says the state has seen improvement on the jobs front for seven months in a row now.

Rivara says the biggest job gains were in the trade, transportation, utilities, and professional and business services industries. 


Illinois Designated An Ebola Lab Testing State

10/18/14 06:26 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  The state's Public Health Director says starting next week, they'll be able to test for any potential cases of Ebola, right here in Illinois. 

Dr. LaMar Hasbrouck says there haven't been any suspected cases in Illinois but, health officials have been trained on how to handle the cases.  Hasbrouck says local health departments have quarantine

Pros And Cons To Body Cameras

10/18/14 06:25 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  Law enforcement officials say there are pros and cons to using body cameras in the field.  They say they've been pushing to use the cameras for a number of years because officers and potential suspects behave better when they know the cameras are rolling.  Plus, studies show that complaints against police officers go down between 70 and 90-percent when

Weather looking pretty good for the weekend

10/17/14 06:06 AM
the weather should allow farmers to get back in the fields with harvest. We will see sunny skies today with a high in the upper 60s and dry conditions tonight with a low of 45. We will see sunny skies and a high in the upper 50s on Sunday. There is a slight chance of rain for Sunday night and Monday, but otherwise we'll see dry conditions to start next week with highs in the 60s.

Harvest delayed by wet conditions

10/17/14 06:05 AM
All the rainy weather of the past week is continuing to delay harvest progress around the state. The cool, wet condition left farmers with only about four days suitable for fieldwork says State Crop Statistician Mark Schluesener.


29 percent of soybeans have been harvest, compared to 52 percent for the five year average. And, 79 percent of the crop is rated in good to excellent

President Obama Headlining Rally For Quinn

10/17/14 06:04 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  President Obama is heading back to Illinois this weekend.  He'll headline an early voting rally for Governor Quinn at Chicago State University this Sunday.  It'll be at the Jones Convocation Center.  The event is open to the public on a first come, first serve basis.  Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

Nicole Wilson/alb IL) STL) MO)

Former President Clinton Coming To Chicago

10/17/14 06:03 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  Former President Bill Clinton is coming to Chicago next week.  "The Chicago Sun-Times" reports Clinton will be in town Tuesday to campaign for Governor Pat Quinn.  His scheduled appearance comes one day after early voting starts in Illinois. 

Colin McIntyre/bfj

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Gas Prices Down

10/17/14 06:03 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Gas prices are down and it may be that way for a few months.  The demand for gas goes down during the winter months so that usually means lower prices.  But there's also a price war on crude oil between several countries in the Middle East.  That's a very big part of why gas has dropped below the three-dollar-mark in many cities in central

Ebola Hotline Number Unveiled

10/17/14 06:02 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  There's a new hotline for people who have questions about Ebola.  State officials say someone will be on hand 24-hours-a-day to answer questions like how to avoid getting Ebola.  Operators will also be able to tell you how the virus is spread and provide details on who's at risk of getting infected.  The hotline number is

Landowners Sue Over Fracking Delay

10/17/14 06:01 AM
(Wayne County, IL)   --  Landowners in Wayne County say the state is standing in the way of them making money off of fracking.  They're looking to get a class action lawsuit against Governor Quinn and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  The landowners leased chunks of their land to oil and gas developers hoping to cash in on the fracking industry's

Fayette County Board to Again Take Hard Look at Budget

10/16/14 05:55 AM

As has been the situation the last several years, the Fayette County Board will again be taking a hard look at the coming fiscal year budget. At the end of Tuesday night’s monthly board meeting, Board Chairman Steve Knebel took time to address the board and laid out what would have to be looked at in the coming weeks. Knebel started by saying if the budget was being put out as is right

Two Fayette County Residents Facing Cannabis Manufacturing Charges

10/16/14 05:54 AM

Two Fayette County residents are facing charges for production of cannabis. 36-year Melissa C. Stevens of St. Elmo and 40-year old Justin L. Virden were each arrested on a charge of allegedly knowingly manufacturing more than 500 grams but not more than 2000 grams of cannabis which is a Class 2 Felony. Both made their first appearance in Fayette County Court yesterday as probable cause to

AG Pushes For Victims Rights Passage

10/16/14 05:53 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Attorney General Lisa Madigan is urging people to vote "Yes" on the Victim's Bill of Rights Amendment that's on the November ballot.  She say crime victims already have ten rights under Illinois law, but they're looking to strengthen their protections. 

Illinois adopted a Crime Victims Bill of Rights into its Constitution more

Quinn, Rauner Spend 35-Million In Last Three Months

10/16/14 05:52 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  Governor Quinn and Bruce Rauner are spending big bucks in their efforts to win in November.  The latest campaign finance reports show that Quinn put out more than 15-million-dollars between July and September trying to defend his job.  Rauner put out more than 20-million.  The two will keep doling out the cash over the next three weeks, hoping to

Rauner Says Quinn Has Failed Black Community

10/16/14 05:51 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  Republican candidate for governor Bruce Rauner says Governor Quinn has failed the African American community.

During a debate in Chicago Tuesday night, Rauner said he'll use his business savvy to bring jobs to Illinois and get the economy back on track.  He recently donated a-million-bucks to a credit union on Chicago's south side.  He says he

Gov Quinn Pushing For Assault Weapon Ban

10/16/14 05:50 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  Governor Quinn spent his day on Wednesday with families of gun violence.  He's been pushing for a ban on assault weapons in Illinois.  Here's what he had to say about the issue during a debate Tuesday night.

Sandy and Lonnie Phillips made the rounds with Quinn in Chicago today.  They lost their daughter in the Aurora, Colorado theatre

State Setting Up Ebola Hotline

10/16/14 05:49 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  The state is setting up an Ebola hotline later this week.  Officials say the hotline will provide answers to some of the questions that people might have about the virus, like how it's spread and how to avoid it.  At this point, no one in Illinois have been diagnosed with Ebola.  The Illinois Public Health Director says he's still working very

Man Arrested For Stealing From Grandmother

10/16/14 05:48 AM
(Decatur, IL)  --  A Decatur man is behind bars for stealing 20 dollars from his grandmother.  Police say 23-year-old Corey Conyer was arrested Monday morning and charged with robbery and damage to property.  His 76-year-old grandmother says he and an unidentified woman broke into her house on July 20th.  Conyer and his accomplice ran after the elderly woman pressed the

Fayette County Board Passes Resolution Opposing Federal Waterway Definition

10/15/14 06:12 AM

The Fayette County Board passed a resolution at their monthly board meeting Tuesday night opposing the federal definition of "Waters of the United States" to include non-navigable ditches and storm water flows in communities. Fayette County Farm Bureau Manager Stephanie Krause and Farm Bureau Board President Ken Cripe were on hand at the meeting to discuss the issue. Cripe

Judicial candidate Siemer in Vandalia

10/15/14 06:11 AM
Judicial candidate Martin Siemer held a meet and greet in Vandalia yesterday afternoon. Siemer is from Teutopolis and is running for 4th judicial circuit judge. Running for judge is different from other offices, because there aren't a lot of promises you can make. So, Siemer says it comes down to your background.


Siemer will face Democrat Judge Ericka Sanders in the November

Congressional candidate Thorsland in Vandalia

10/15/14 06:10 AM
The area's Democratic candidate for Congress made a stop at the WPMB-WKRV studios on Tuesday. Eric Thorsland was a guest on the Morning Cafe with Dan Michel to talk about his campaign. Thorsland talks about why he made the decision to run for congress.


Thorsland is facing Republican incumbent John Shimkus in the November General Election. We will talk more with Thorsland coming

Six Tornadoes Spotted In Central, Southern Illinois

10/15/14 06:07 AM
(Undated)  --  Weather experts say tornadoes were spotted on the ground in at least six central and southern Illinois towns on Monday.  EF-1 twisters hit in Freeburg, New Baden, and Long Creek, near the Decatur Airport.  An Ef-2 hit in Moweaqua.  Weaker tornadoes were spotted near Ruma and Argenta.  The twisters uprooted trees and ripped the roofs off of several

Quinn Blasts Rauner On Jobs

10/15/14 06:06 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  Governor Quinn says Bruce Rauner's jobs plan won't benefit anyone in Illinois.

Quinn touts his accomplishments on creating jobs and reviving the auto industry in Illinois.  He says Ford Motor Company had just one shift when he took office, now they have three shifts.  And, he says the Chrysler Plant in Belvidere had 200 workers back in 2009.

Rauner Income Tax Information Creeps Into Debate

10/15/14 06:05 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  Bruce Rauner's tax returns are making headlines again.  He released his income information late last Friday, but he didn't make the full schedules available to the public.  The issue came up during debate last night.

Governor Quinn has accused Rauner of trying to hide his financial information.  He says Rauner needs to be much more

Earthquake Drill Tomorrow

10/15/14 06:04 AM
(Springfield, IL)  --  More than half-a-million-people in Illinois will be participating in an earthquake drill tomorrow.  It's designed to help people understand what to do if they feel the ground shaking.  Officials say the best things to do is drop to the floor, take cover under a sturdy desk or table, and hold on until the shaking stops.  Tomorrow's drill will

Fracking Rule Approval Pushed To November

10/15/14 06:03 AM
(Chicago, IL)  --  Fracking is still hanging in the balance in Illinois.  A legislative panel was slated to approve the rules yesterday but decided to push back until next month.  Once the rules are approved, businesses will be allowed to pull oil and gas from large rocks that are buried deep underground. Supporters hope it'll lead to an economic boom in Illinois.

Vandalia Man Facing Multiple Felony Charges

10/14/14 04:29 PM
A 29-year old Vandalia man is facing multiple felony charges following his arrest Monday evening. Robert A.C. Stombaugh is being charged with 2 different counts of aggravated battery to a child under the age of 13 as a 1-year old was harmed following actions of Stombaugh. At 6p.m. on Monday, Vandalia Police responded to a complaint of a disturbance in the 300 block of south 4th Street. Injuries

Area avoids most of the severe weather, more rain on the way

10/14/14 05:52 AM
Heavy rains and some wind moved thru the area yesterday afternoon. But, this area avoided any of the major severe weather that was an issue for many areas around the state and region yesterday. No warnings were ever issues for Fayette County during yesterday's storms---although both Marion and Effingham Counties were under a tornado warning for a severe thunderstorm that was capable of