Second Man Charged After incident at Fayette County Jail

/ Vandalia Radio

Meanwhile, a second man currently housed in the Fayette County Jail is also facing charges stemming from the February 7 incident at the jail. 34-year old Tyler J. Dunaway of Vandalia is charged with two counts of Criminal Damage to Government Supported Property. Information given by the State during the presentation of probable cause by the state on Tuesday afternoon, stated that Dunaway was the roommate of Darrel K. Moulton. Count 1 against Dunaway state that he “or one whom he is legally responsible, knowingly damaged government supported property” in that he allegedly “removed R-board, foam insulation, from a wall and flushed the r-board down the toilet, causing flooding and major plumbing issues, said damage being less than $500.” That count is a Class 4 felony. Information on the second count reads the same as the first with there again being the exception of damage on the second count being more than $500 but less than $10,000. That count is a Class 3 Felony. Dunaway is set to appear back in Fayette County Court for a preliminary hearing in the matter on March 3 at 11am. Dunaway currently remains in the Fayette County Jail.


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